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Adventure Kings Self-Inflating Foam Mattress - Single |100mm Thick



Sleep better than ever with the Adventure Kings Single Self-Inflating Mattress. Simply roll it out, open the valve, and the mattress will inflate by itself. No pumping or blowing required!

Its 850mm extra wide spread is an ideal fit for the Adventure Kings Sumo Stretcher as well as Single & Double Swags.

Designed with a thick 100mm foam base, the mattress offers a great night sleep and is puncture resistant, so you wont be waking up with a deflated mattress halfway through the night.

Weve topped it off with a soft flock upper and PVC base for ease of care and cleaning. Storing the Single Self-Inflating Mattress could not be easier with its convenient carry bag.

After a big day on the tracks you deserve a great nights sleep, the Adventure Kings Self-Inflating Mattress is your guarantee without the hassle. 


1900L x 850W x 100H mm






Soft Flocked Brushed Velour

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