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Adventure Kings Campfire Cooking Grill/BBQ Combo | Swing-Away | Packs Flat



The Adventure Kings Swing-Away BBQ plate is the ultimate stress-free way to cook food over a fire when you’re camping!

We know you love cooking up a storm when you’re out camping, and we do too. Nothing beats cooking over an open fire, like Aussies have been doing for generations now. We’ve designed the Adventure Kings Swing-Away BBQ Plate to be so quick and easy to use when you’re camping.

Simply slide the hotplate/grills and billy arms onto the pole, adjust each to the desired height and lock into place with the simple screw lock. Next just drive the main pole into the ground with a hammer next to your campfire to a depth of about 6-8inches, and then you’re ready to cook!

Each plate and billy arm easily swings 360°. That means you can move each away from the fire to put food on and take it off, then swing it back around when you’re ready to cook. This also means you can cook different foods. At the end of your camping trip, the entire kit pulls apart quickly and packs almost dead flat into the included heavy-duty carry bag to keep the back of your vehicle clean while you’re driving.

The design is super stable, made from heavy-duty coated steel so with care it’ll last for ages. A fantastic way to cook at camp, whether it’s for the entire clan or just one or two people.

Camp Oven & Kettle not included

Small grill size:


Large grill/hotplate combo size:


Billy arms:

2x 255mm

Total height centre pole:


Diameter centre pole:


Transit bag:

Heavy-duty canvas

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