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Adventure Kings 70L Camping Fridge | Dual Zone | Secop Compressor | 105 Can Capacity | 12v/240v



The brand-new Adventure Kings 70L dual-zone fridge/freezer has hit the market, and its an absolute game changer!

Its packed full of all the features and quality of the big-dollar fridges, at a fraction of the price.

The Adventure Kings 70L dual-zone fridge/freezer uses a quality genuine Secop BD-50 compressor and can run on 12V, 24V and 240V. Run it in the back of your car or 4WD when youre camping, and use it as a beer fridge at home in between camping trips!  

Simple, separate and easy-to-use temperature adjustment for both fridge and freezer compartments, twin interior lights, in-built voltage meter and adjustable power cut-off make it one of the most user-friendly fridges on the market. Either compartment can be used as a fridge or a freezer.

Capable of cooling down to -18C, the Adventure Kings 70L dual-zone fridge/freezer features a clever twin-lid design that allows you to access either the fridge or the freezer without opening the other side up. It features heavy-duty stainless-steel hinges and over-centre latches that dont come loose, and positively lock the fridge lids down when not in use.

The Adventure Kings 70L dual-zone fridge/freezer uses copper internal lines which are much better at transferring heat than the cheaper alloy lines many fridges use, as well as a stainless-steel evaporator for efficiency and longevity.

Comes with tough, stainless steel handles that sit flat when not in use. Extra thick rubber seals, and casing insulation mean that its incredibly efficient at holding temperature.

The Adventure Kings 70L dual-zone fridge/freezer comes with a two-year warranty and will change the way you go camping. Never before has a fridge with quality and features like this been so affordable!


Secop BD-50

Temperature Range:

+10C to -18C


70L / 105 x 375ml cans

Input Voltage:

12v | 24v | 240v

Adjustable power cut-off:



Twin internal automatic LEDs


Twin, separate opening-design


Heavy-duty stainless-steel pivoting






538H x 496W x 875L mm


2 Years

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