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Megafire 1kg Fire Extinguisher | Compact | Quick-Release Mount | Fully Certified

Whether you're in your vehicle, at camp, on the worksite or at home in the shed, a Megafire 1kg Fire Extinguisher offers invaluable defence against fires. 
Fully certified to Australian standards, the Megafire includes a quick-release metal mount that allows the unit to be picked up quickly while still being easily mounted to walls or in cars, caravans and boats.
Utilising dry chemical powder, the Megafire 1kg Fire Extinguisher is suitable for class A, B and E fires:
  •  'A' Class involves common combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and plastics.
  •  'B' Class involves flammable liquids, oils, solvents, grease, tars, petrol and other oil-based products.
  •  'E' Class involves energised electrical equipment such as wiring, machinery and appliances.
Additionally, thanks to its lightweight design and compact size the Megafire 1kg Fire Extinguisher is easy to handle and stores out of the way while still offering piece of mind -  knowing you're equipped for the worst.

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