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ArkPak 730


The ArkPak 730 Power Battery Box will give you 240V and 12V portable power wherever you are in the outdoors, so theres no need to rely on powered sites. 

Simply place any compatible 12V inside the box, including lead acid, calcium gel and AGM batteries (up to 130Ah in size).

You will love the versatility of the power outlets.The Box can simultaneously output power via the 240V mains socket, 2 12V cigarette lighter ports, the 5V USB connection, the external high-current terminals or via the 50A Anderson plug. These outputs cover almost every electronic device or camping equipment that you own! 

A portable power source is great for powering or charging your electronic devices in the outdoors, but unfortunately ArkPaks dont have an infinite power source. Thats why you need the Ark Car Charger (Adaptor) so you can charge the ArkPak in your vehicle when you are on the move or stopped at your campsite or fishing spot. This is just one of 4 ways that you can charge your ArkPak, including the 240V charging adapter, the Anderson plug or even solar panels. 

The ArkPak can also be used as an automatic charger at home to trickle-charge and maintain your battery, which will extend its lifespan. The LCD monitor will tell you the percentage of battery remaining, and the number of hours until its fully charged. 

If you are space conscious you could consider mounting your ArkPak onto a camper trailer, using the Ark Brackets (Mounting- sold separately) so it is out of the way and not wasting your precious storage space.

The ArkPak will deliver up to 3 days of continuous 240V power, or up to 7 days of 12V power from a 130Ah deep-cycle battery, based on the power consumption of a 37L fridge/freezer.

The ArkPak 730 Power Battery Box would be a great addition to your next camping trip. 

Built in 300 watt inverter
Multifunction control panel
2x 10amp 12v sockets
5V USB Port

Battery not included
Up to 130 amp hour battery size
External dimensions: 240mm wide x 440mm long x 327mm high
Internal dimensions: 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high
Battery compatibility: LiFePO4, Gel, Calcium, AGM, lead acid
Weight: 4.62kg
Mounting bracket kit (Part No.: APB20B)

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