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Adventure Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board


Combining portability, ease of use and great fun the Adventure Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (ISUP for short) is a great way to explore Australia’s rivers, coast-lines and waterways.
Completely packing away into the included carry bag, the Adventure Kings ISUP packs up small, so it easily fits into small car boots. It can even be carried on your back while hiking or while riding a bike down to the beach.
Once next to the water, simply unpack the board, pump it up, connect the fin and it’s smooth sailing.
Great for fitness, improving balance and building core strength, SUPing allows you to glide along the coast, exploring your surroundings.
A stable and comfortable platform, the ISUP measures 83cm across, 15cm thick (compared to 10cm for some ISUPs) and features three fins on the base of the board, this combination provides plenty of stability for newcomers and experienced paddlers alike.
Another great feature is the adjustable paddle, extending and retracting, the one-size-fits-all designs ensures everyone can have a go.
Finally, utilising innovative Drop-Stitch technology, the Adventure Kings ISUP has tens of thousands of polyester threads woven into a matrix between the top and the base of the board.
By employing Drop-Stitching the ISUP can reach higher pressures which results in a rigid, more responsive board that has no trouble holding its shape at higher pressures and keeping you afloat. 
Take your next adventure to the water and enjoy all the fun of a Stand-Up Paddle Board with the convenience and portability of inflation technology. 

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