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VMS Reverse Camera | Wide Angle Lens | DIY Install |

VMS Reverse Camera | Wide Angle Lens | DIY Install |

Improve your vision, protect your vehicle and make towing easier with a VMS Reverse Camera.
An easy DIY install that plugs straight into your VMSs 7 HD Screen, the Reverse camera features a rugged IP67 housing as well as an adjustable mount. Additionally, included in the kit is over 9 metres of extension cable (3m & 6m), this ensures a perfect fit, no matter the size of your vehicle.
By using a 150 wide-angle lens, the VMS Reverse Camera gives the operator a clear picture of whats happening behind their vehicle, dramatically reducing the chance of collision, and making reversing into the shed or onto the trailer a breeze. 
Some models of VMS Reverse Camera units will require an RCA female to female adaptor to connect to the VMS GPS - sold separately

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