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1500W Power Inverter



The Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter allows you to run all of the luxuries and essentials of home on your next trip by converting the 12V, DC power of your vehicle to 240V AC.

Here is just a few reasons, why the Adventure Kings Inverter is exceptional value for money:

  • Pure Sine Wave is critical for safely and efficiently powering AC devices. Running a modified sine wave can damage sensitive electrical devices, decreasing lifespan, and generating unnecessary heat and energy loss.
  • The Robust Housing keeps the unit protected and mounting points make custom 12V set-ups easy.
  • Load Reactive Fans, along with heat fins, keep the inverter cool and operating quietly and efficiently.
  • Thermal, Overload & Short-Circuit protection, keeps your Inverter running safely and alerts the user.
  • Low Voltage Shutdown protects your batteries from over discharging.
  • Quad Terminals support the massive amp draw required for 1500W of power.

With tons of essential features, the Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter will have your gear running smoothly and efficiently while you relax at camp! 



Output Waveform:

Pure Sine Wave

Input Voltage:

12V DC

Output Voltage:

240V AC

AC Frequency: 


Total Harmonic Distortion: 

≤ 3%


370mm x 152 mm x 90mm

Mounting Points:

335mm x 60mm



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