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Adventure Kings Dual Battery System | Smart Isolator and Heavy Duty Cables


Easy DIY dual battery kit automatically isolates cranking battery - Eliminate flat batteries in the bush and run your camp lighting and 12v accessories longer!
If you are running a second battery or thinking about installing one, the Adventure Kings Dual Battery Kit is the smart way to do it.
Located within the kit, the Smart Battery Isolator prevents your cranking battery from dipping below 12.8 volts, ensuring you always have enough charge to start your engine. Along with this, it enables your second battery to be charged reliably by your alternator. 
The kit is easy to install and can be installed in an hour or two. It includes heavy-duty cables, copper crimp lugs and marine battery terminals.
With the Adventure Kings Dual Battery Kit, your batteries will be fully charged for that next big trip away. Additionally, when you take care of your batteries, they last longer and perform better. 
*Will not work on vehicles with smart alternators

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