Superior Offroad 4WD

Adventure Kings AGM Deep Cycle Battery 115AH


115 Amp hours of deep-cycle 12v power Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) design - 5x faster charging than standard crank batteries Leak proof, non-gassing ABS shell perfect second battery for all your 12v accessories!
Ideal for outdoor use across a range of applications the Adventure Kings Batteries are the ultimate battery for dual purpose starting and deep cycle requirements in 4WDing, caravanning, camping, boating and other recreational uses.
Featuring the leading-edge of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, Adventure King Batteries offer enhanced discharge and recharge efficiency, high resistance against vibrations and a leak proof, non-gassing design.
This results in a fully sealed maintenance-free battery (no need to top up or service), that can be stored on its side without leaking through your vehicle. While also exposed to constant vibrations that come with corrugations and 4WDing.
Additionally, they can be discharged to a low depth without internal damage to the battery, offering large storage capabilities, essential for fridges, lighting and other camping accessories. 
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