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Adventure Kings 100L Portable Ice Box | Superior Insulation


Tough and durable molded polyurethane, CFC free insulation, thick EVA seals to trap in the cold air, Gigantic 100L storage, drain plug included and Durable aluminum hardware that wont rust even in salty conditions.

Keep your food and beverages fresh and cold with an Adventure Kings Ice box.

Designed for rough conditions and blistering heat, the Adventure Kings Ice Boxes feature high-density CFC-free polyurethane insulation for excellent insulation & broad walls for added durability. As well as thick EVA seals that prevent cold air from escaping, keeping your food and drinks ice cold, for longer.

Every Adventure Kings Ice Box comes with heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminium hinges, stainless-steel latches, and a lockable pad, securing your food and taking a beating.

Finally, A bung with O-ring, prevents any leaks and makes draining/drying the Ice Box stress-free.

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