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Adventure Kings 3 in 1 Tyre Deflator | Gauge | Quick-Connect


Inflates and deflates with integrated pressure gauge, quick connect fitting connects to Thumper Max easy operation with single trigger and quick connect tyre valve chuck.

The 3 in 1 tyre gauge is the ultimate tool for 4WDers who want all their tyre pressure adjustments in one nifty unit.

Connect onto your Schrader valve with quick connect chuck and from there you can: 

Accurately assess your tyres pressure, with the 1-60 PSI gauge. 

Air down - simply pull the trigger and air will deflate out of your tyres. Release the trigger at any time to stop the air flow and gain a pressure reading.

Air up - Connect to your Thumper Max and you can deliver its insane 300L per minute. Additionally, by using the 3 in 1 in conjunction with your Thumper Maxs integrated pressure cut-off switch you can easily pump up all your tyres without having to turn off your compressor.

 The Adventure Kings 3 in 1 Tyre Gauge is easy to use and will have you accurately airing up and down. Along with this because youll be running the correct pressures you will increase your traction while also reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption.


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