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Bedourie Camp Oven | 12inch | Spun Steel | Oven, Frying Pan, Hanging Pan & Boiling Pot



MADE IN AUSTRALIA Top Quality heavy gauge high carbon spun steel Lightweight and Crack proof detachable handle 400mm diameter pan and 320mm diameter 105mm deep pot.

The legendary Bedourie Camp Ovens were invented after a need for a tough, lightweight, portable camp oven for horseback arose.

Carrying on the legacy, Dr Livingstone's Bedourie 12" Camp Ovens are tougher than ever.
Made in Australia by Southern Metal Spinners. The Bedourie utilises Heavy Gauge Spun Carbon Steel, making it immensely resilient, without compromising on weight. 
Additionally, unlike cast iron ovens, the Bedourie will not shatter when dropped and is much easier to clean.
A versatile cooking platform, the Bedourie Camp Oven can be used to bake, boil, and fry all your camp meals! While the detachable handle makes placing and removing meals from the fire stress-free.

Take your bush cooking up a notch and check out what makes Bedourie Camp Ovens, the legend that it is.

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