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Adventure Kings Illuminator MKII 6 LED Light Bar


The Illuminator MKII LED Light Bars are finally here. 

Weve taken the insanely popular Illuminator Light Bars to the next level making them brighter, tougher, and more water-resistant!

Packing a serious punch, the Illuminator MKII 6 casts 1 lux out to 131 metres! Cutting through night, giving you enhanced vision way down the track.

In addition to distance, weve also increased overall light output significantly, boasting 1323 lumens and producing a clear 6000K white light, The Illuminator MKIIs offer superior visibility to the driver, alerting you to wildlife, terrain changes and other possible obstacles.

Made from a tough IP 68 Diecast Aluminium housing, with an almost indestructible Polycarbonate lens and powder coated stainless-steel brackets, the Illuminator MKIIs will stand up to all the fury nature will throw at it.

Finally, these lights are super-easy to install, each light comes with a waterproof Deutsch style plug, that connects seamlessly to an Adventure Kings Wiring Harness*.

Revolutionise your night driving with the power of the Illuminator MKII LED Light Bars!

*Wiring Harness sold separately.

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