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Adventure Kings Vacuum Sealer


Enjoy fresher, tastier food with an Adventure Kings Vacuum Sealer.

Prolonging the life of your food, the Vacuum Sealer removes air from your foods surroundings, significantly reducing oxidation.

Saving you money, this results in longer lasting freshness whilst also reducing waste, as less food is thrown away. Furthermore, you can vacuum pack healthy, cost-effective meals for a trip, avoiding the expensive & unhealthy takeaway foods.

Additionally, a Vacuum Sealer allows you to bulk buy bigger portions, save leftovers or subdivide large catches, individually packaging portions, so they stay fresh for later.

Along with longer lasting food, the Adventure Kings Vacuum Sealer also creates a reliable moisture barrier, locking in your food's flavours and preventing un-hygienic leaks from spreading through your fridge all while stopping freezer burn and moisture seeping into your meals!

The Adventure Kings Vacuum Sealer keeps your fridge clean while also saving on space, tightly packed food will free up valuable room in your fridge/freezer.

Also included in the kit is a 5-meter Vacuum Sealer Roll and the unit's 290mm opening will fit most Vacuum Sealer bags.

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