Superior Offroad 4WD

Adventure Kings Kwiky Pop Up Tent


The Kwiky Roof Top Camper is the ultimate in fast and comfortable camping! 

Setting up and packing up in seconds, simply unclip the four straps, push the cover up and the internal struts will do the work for you. 
In addition to this, the spacious interior means youll have plenty of room to move around and wont have to remove bedding and pillows while you travel. 
The protective case is made from an ABS anti-ageing polymer, protecting your Kwiky while you travel. 
Opened up the 320gsm Canvas will keep you warm and protected from the weather outside. Its super comfortable as well, with an 80mm mattress youll have a soft base to sleep on and with openings on all four sides, youll catch that cool breeze and midge proof mesh means no insects will bother you. 

The Adventure Kings Kwiky Roof Top Tent really is the pinnacle in fast, easy, and comfortable camping!


ABS Anti-ageing Polymer



Dimensions Folded(mm):

320H x 2120L x 1270W

Dimensions Open(mm):

1050H x 2120L x 1270W

Interior Dimensions(mm):

930H x 2080L x 1100W

Mattress Thickness(mm):


Window Dimensions(mm):

390H x 520W


700H x 780W

Ladder Dimensions(mm):

700H x 450W (Closed) 2320H x 450W (Open)



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