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Adventure Kings 110w Fixed Solar Panel



The Adventure Kings 110W Fixed Solar Panel is the perfectly sized Solar Panel to mount onto your 4WD, Camper Trailer, Caravan or even Boat!  

Designed to be taken almost anywhere, the 110W boasts a thicker, stronger frame and includes mounting brackets for easy installation.

Furthermore, the 110W Fixed Solar Panel gives you the option to choose and position your regulator, to best suit your needs, such as positioning the controller near the battery, to further improve efficiency. 

Additionally, if you already have a DC to DC charger, its as simple as connecting the panel and youre away*. 

Once installed the Adventure Kings 110W Fixed Solar Panel will be hard at work during the days charging your batteries and powering devices, giving you more time to kick your feet-up and relax.

*Check the manufacturers operating maximum input voltage before connecting to your DC to DC charger

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