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Hercules Snatch Strap Kit



Hercules Snatch Strap Kit  

The Hercules Snatch Kit has everything you need to start snatching you and your mates out of trouble.

Included in the kit are:

An 8,000kg, 9m White Snatch Strap thoroughly tested and boasting up to a 20% stretch factor rating.

Two 4.7T Rated Shackles combined with a rated recovery point these are essential for safe recoveries.

Canvas Bag the whole kit packs away into the included heavy-duty canvas bag.

This kit is a must if you do any type of driving on mud or sand and will prove itself when you get stuck. In addition to this, it packs neatly away and takes up minimal room.

Minimum Breaking Strength: 8,000kg

Stretch Factor: Up to 20%

Width: 60mm

Length: 9m

Colour: White

Sleeve colour: Black


Note: Not to be used for lifting

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