Superior Offroad 4WD

Illuminator 4m MAX LED Strip Light



Lighting up your whole campsite has never been easier thanks to the new 4m Strip Light. Comes packed away neatly on a spool, you can wind out the Strip Light to your desired length or take completely off the spool and enjoy the full 4-meter length. The 240 LEDs will light up everything you need and the velcro straps make is easy to mount to awnings, caravans, 4WD or simply to some free branches.

The 4m Strip Light also comes with a dimmer switch, ensuring you have the perfect amount of light to suits your needs. Even on the highest level with an average 100-amp hour battery, you can get over 20 hours of light!
Along with this, it connects easily to our 4 Bar camp light kit, so you can customise your camp.

No longer fear the dark, the 4m Strip Light has got you covered!

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