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LED Driving Light Wiring Harness - to fit 7 and 9 Lights



LED Driving Light Wiring Harness - to fit 7" or 9" Lights

*This kit has two LED Light connections (For two Light Bars, Spotlights etc)

Stop mucking about with dodgy wiring, electrical tape and scotch locks – get yourself an Illuminator Wiring Harness and make sure you can rely on your LED lights to deliver, everytime you need them!

90% assembled in the box, all you need to do is hook-up a few plugs and you’re ready to go – a neat, plug and play solution that stops your engine bay being a mess while protecting your investment from short circuiting and burning out thanks to the inline fuse and relay.

Designed to stand up to the hot, tough conditions under your bonnet Illuminator Wiring Kits are made with quality components as well as being fitted with heat shrink, protective conduit and waterproof Deutsch plugs for reliability and long life.

Parts list:

Assembled wiring harness including:

  • Relay
  • Rocker switch – “Spot Lights”
  • Inline fuse holder + fuse
  • Connections for battery and LED lights

Headlight connecters including

  • H4 adapter
  • HB3 / 9005 adapter


  • Spare relay
  • Heat shrink x2

Note: Negatively switched vehicles may need some wiring changed to suit. 


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