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Car Rear Barn Door Extension Bracket X-Boost For Nissan Patrol GU All Wagons OZ


It seems the design defect that every Nissan GU Patrol wagon (from series 1 to 4, diesel & petrol) rear door can’t open as wide as normal (180 degree). With X-Boost® door extension bracket you can solve this problem completely and have enough room to get access. X-Boost® uses high quality steel and accessory to meet the strict auto industry standard and make sure long-term use.




1, Brand: X-Boost®

2, High Quality, 15# Steel Material

3, Auto Industry Standard, Every Factory Test

4, Self-Locking Nut, Anti-vibration and Firm

5, High Intensity Bolt, 12.9 Degree

6, Good Finished


How to Use:


According to pictures above, you only need about 10 minutes to install.

1, Grind off the axel base;

2, Remove axel with screw driver;

3, Remove original bracket using 10mm socket;

4, Fit the new bracket using the 10mm bolt from the original bracket. Use your screwdriver to hold the bracket straight while you get that bolt tight;

5, Line up the keeper and fit the axel (cap screw) and self-locking nut. Tighten using hex allan key and socket. Note –don't tighten too much as the keeper needs to be able to move (rotate) within the bracket.




1 x X-Boost® Door Extension Bracket

1 x Manual

1 x X-Boost® Sealing Bag

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