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Hercules Recovery Kit



Hercules Recovery Kit
Our Hercules Recovery kit includes everything you need to get you and your vehicle recovered from a sticky situation.

All components have been independently tested and rated. Don't pay a cent more than you have to for a quality recovery kit.


  • 1 x Snatch Block, 10,000kg
  • 1 x Snatch Strap, 8,000kg, 9m x 60mm
  • 1 x Tree Trunk Protector, 10,000kg, 3m x 75mm
  • 1 x Extension Strap, 5,000kg
  • 2 x Bow Shackles 4.7T each
  • 1 x Winch Dampener
  • 1 x Pair of Gloves
  • 1 x Recovery Bag

  • 1 x Kwiky Tyre Deflator

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