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Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent without Annex


Not only does the Adventure Kings Weekender offer thicker canvas than the ARB Kakadu, it is also less than half the price! 
Check out the the table below for the facts and find out what you are really paying for, as we compare it to similar imported rooftop tents by other major brands in the industry! 

As seen on Facebook we compared our Adventure Kings Weekender Rooftop Tent with the ARB Kakadu Rooftop Tent.
As listed in the ARB price guide (available on the ARB website) as of 16/02/16 the Kakadu Rooftop Tent sells for $1561.
Matt from ARB Wollongong at 4:10PM on 16/02/16 who confirmed the price is $1561.


Brand Price Canvas Fly / Waterhead Mattress Cover
 4WD Supacentre Weekender $750   340GSM 210 Denier / 2000mm 75mm high density open cell  PVC 600GSM 
 ARB KAKADU $1,561  300GSM  300D  high density extruded foam  PVC 900 GSM 
 TJM BOULIA $1400  280GSM  420D / 2000mm   65mm high density foam PVC coated polyester 1000D 
Darche Intrepidor  $1199  260GSM  210D  65mm high density foam  PVC 600GSM 



  • Absolute convenience - sets up in under two minutes!
  • Tough-as 340 gsm Poly Cotton Ripstop Canvas construction
  • High-density open cell mattress - moisture dries super quick!
  • Fully water and insect proof design - perfect for the tropics
  • Stronger, longer ladder designed for lifted 4WDs!


When it comes to camping, convenience is the number one priority when looking at your options. Nobody wants to spend longer than they have to setting up camp. Having a cold drink, a feed and a good nights sleep are the main priorities.

A roof top tent is one of the quickest camping options you can get, thanks to their set up times of under two minutes. A roof top tent also provides added safety by keeping you well above the ground and away from nocturnal predators and any flash flooding.

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent has just arrived, and is designed to excel as a convenient and safe camping solution for Aussies. The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is quick and easy to set up - it can be ready for use in under two minutes, and can be packed away just as quickly, thanks to the internal bungie cords that pull in the tent walls while it is closing.

The tent is made from tough 340gsm poly cotton rip stop canvas with high-quality polyester medium to heavy gauge self-repairing coil zips. The fly is made from durable poly oxford with a 2000mm water head capability.

Traditional polyester edge binding has been replaced with durable flat fell seams ensuring no fraying and minimal risk of wicking (the ability of water to be drawn upwards by capillary).

All seams are sewn with a poly cotton core spun thread allowing for natural cotton swelling ensuring needle holes are filled and watertight when wet. The 75mm high-density open cell foam mattress makes for a comfortable night sleep.

Open cell construction allows air to circulate through the foam ensuring moisture quickly dries.

The tent is fully waterproof due to blade coat waterproofing application, and the windows feature a polyester sand-fly and midge-proof mesh woven using one of the finest mesh grids available - 150gm/M2. This still maintains anti-tear characteristics.

The aluminum ladder is suitable for installation on almost any model of 4WD coming to a total of 2.1m high. Ladder extensions are available for higher vehicles if required.

The PVC cover is made from heavy-duty 600 GSM, which means the tent is well protected from any low overhanging trees or other obstacles


  •  Outer Size: 240 x 143 
  •  Inner size:240 x 143 x 125cm
  •  Tent fabric material: 320gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas
  •  75mm high-density open cell foam mattress with polycoton 
  •  Aluminum ladder
  •  Base: Aluminium
  •  Durable Zippers
  •  Nylon synthetics and polyester with reversible tracks
  •  Top flysheet: 210D polyester Oxford PU 2000m
  •  PVC cover: 600gsm

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