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42 Inch L.E.D. Lightbar



Illuminator 42" LED Light Bar 

Strap the Illuminator 42" LED Light Bar to the front of your 4WD and you'll wonder how you ever survived with only your headlights! 

Offering a fantastic combination of spread and spot beam, this light bar will suit your low-range tough-track night runs or low-light jungle treks. Rugged and ready for anything, the Illuminator LED Light Bar is waterproof to IP67 rating and is designed to survive even the harshest terrain from corrugations up Cape York, to your local mud holes or powerlines track. 

Can be used for many applications such as: 
  • Forklifts, Tractors, Road Machinery
  • 4WDs, Caravans and RVs
  • Marine use
  • 42 Illuminator LED Lightbar



    • 80x3W high intensity PHILIPS LEDs maximum output 240W*
    • 6000K colour temperature, for intense white light
    • ~7800 Lumens
    • Combo beam with 56x 8 Spot reflectors and 24x 90 flood reflectors


    • Operating range 9-30V, perfect for 12 or 24 volt 4WDs or trucks
    • Low current draw ideal for low-output alternators:
    • ~13 Amps at 12 Volts, ~9.7 Amps at 14.2 Volts
    • LED Efficacy: 56.9 lumens per Watt 14.2 Volts 


    • Rugged black diecast aluminium housing
    • TEN cooling fins for superior efficiency and longevity
    • Lightweight polycarbonate lens for high impact resistance
    • Diecast aluminium mounts
    • Stainless steel hardware


    • IP67 Dust and waterproof rating :
    • Totally protected against ANY dust ingress
    • WATERPROOF, fully immersed up to 1m for 30 minutes
    • 50,000+ hour LED life time, to stand up to long-term, repeated use


    • Length with brackets (brackets facing inwards): 1095mm
      (Note: widest point is at edge of mounting bolt)
    • Length with brackets facing outwards: 1135mm
    • Height with brackets: 125mm
    • Height without brackets: 87mm
    • Depth: 90mm
    • Bolt spacing with brackets facing inwards: 1055mm
    • Bolt spacing with brackets facing outwards: 1105mm

    *No electrical system is 100% efficient. Actual power output may vary due to, but is not limited to, wiring length or diameter, ambient conditions, LED temperature, wire condition, alternator output, battery charge and condition. Etc.

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