Superior Offroad 4WD

Tyre Repair Kit


A tyre repair kit is an essential tool to any 4wder. Imagine getting a tyre puncture out in the bush with no reception and inadequate gear to change to a spare. This little beauty gives you piece of mind knowing you have a quality tyre repair kit safely tucked away in your rig. Easy to use and store, you'd be crazy not to get one for your next adventure.

Kit includes:

1x Red storage case
1x Insertion needle
1x Screwdriver probe
20x Quick seal insert strips
1x Tube of lubricating oil
1x Allen key
1x Valve tool
3x Valve housing
4x Valve cores
4x valve caps
1x Small knife
5x Tube repair patch
1x Tube of rubber cement
1x Scraping tool (Not shown in image)
2x Thin rubber Tube (Not shown in image)

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