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Wind Booster Throttle Controller


The Wind Booster throttle controller is a 4 mode throttle response controller. 

This throttle controller simply plugs into your fly by wire throttle cable attached to your accelerator pedal then simply mount the display unit on your dash for easy access to change mode's when you desire. 

The windbooster will simply take away any throttle response delays from your vehicle so when you plant the right foot the car will react no delay's. This product does not interfer with any engine management systems as it will only run of the throttle cables leaving your engine to run as per usual. These are a great way to unleash the real power your vehicle has. 

This throttle controller has 4 modes and 10 settings within 3 of those modes, Off, ECO (for econimical around town driving) P1 (for increased throttle response times) and P2 ( for extra increased throttle response) and P3 (FULL THROTTLE RESPONSE) 

Available for a range of makes and models. Be sure to send an email to for a full list of vehicles this will suit, Or call us on (02) 9757 1405

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